A Family Tradition

Lisi family

Michael, Anthony, and Remo Lisi - 1977

Lisi’s was founded in 1971 by my father, Remo Lisi. He believed in hard work and strong ethics — which meant giving his customers a valuable service for their hard-earned money.

Remo Lisi immigrated from Italy in 1948 with no formal education. 23 years later, he bought a gas station with two small tow trucks. At that time, the State Police could not rely on a towing service to arrive at an accident scene quickly. He was determined to be the one to change that.

He understood that no one likes to be left on the side of the road in the middle of the night. So he did everything possible to get to the scene immediately — including sleeping with his clothes on so he could get to the scene immediately.

My brother and I have made a commitment to my father’s dedication to service on every job with every customer. We strive to follow his guidelines with our customers:

  • Do the right thing for people.
  • Fix it right the first time.

Michael Lisi
Lisi’s Auto Body, Inc.


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